The Rochester Hotel

April 14, 2019

Vegan about town Steph drew Hayley and I into The
Rochester Hotel for a Sunday night dinner, having learned that
they’ve been running a Kerala-styled pub menu for almost a year
(!). Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are clearly marked
and well-represented; we really did need some time to figure out
what combination of fried and fresh, shared and all-to-ourselves
dishes we wanted.

First, we ticked off fried. The chips and curry ($10) were
excellent and included a thin, crisp batter. I loved the little
pumpkin and coconut ada ($4, pictured right and front), which was
served with a surprisingly spicy mint chutney. Hayley couldn’t
resist the egg bonda ($4, pictured right and back); actually half a
boiled egg piled with onion masala and fried in batter.

For our mains, we got a little more fried in by all ordering
parota. Steph declared it to be the crowning glory of her vegan
thali ($24, pictured at the top of the post), while Hayley and I
shrewdly ordered it as the centrepiece of our meals. Our potato
wraps were too full to really be wrapped, our parotas bursting with
tender and lightly spiced smashed potatoes, more onion masala,
fresh green herbs and generous dollops of that eye-watering mint
On another night I’d be extremely tempted to follow through
with vegan coconut custard ($6, with fruit and cashew praline!),
but we elected to walk off our curry chips instead. I fear my
limited stomach space is going to force me into a delicious
chip/parota/dessert trade-off every time I stop in.
In its current incarnation, I’ve just spotted two blog posts
about The Rochester Hotel, both freebies, on
The Spice Adventuress
and gastrology.
The Rochester Hotel
202 Johnston St, Fitzroy
9419 0166
Accessibility: There’s a step up on entry. Inside is a
mix of high and low tables. We ordered and paid at high bar.
Toilets are gendered, narrow, and a couple of extra steps up.

Source: FS – Healthy – Vegetarian
The Rochester Hotel

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