The Merri Clan II

December 7, 2018

We’re blessed with abundant vege burgers in Brunswick, so it’s
taken us a while to venture north to the Merri Clan and try theirs.
Burgers are the core offering on the all-vegan evening menu, with
six different fillings ranging from mock-beef to jackfruit and
tofu. There are gluten-free buns, a burger bowl and nachos
available for those who can’t or don’t want to have the full
gluten-fueled mock-meat experience. 

The most popular order at our table was the Korean Fried
Chick’n Burger ($17, pictured above). It’s drenched in sticky,
just-spicy-enough sauce and augmented with tangy kimchi, slaw,
peanuts and fried shallots.

I was just as pleased with The Little Mock Burger ($17,
younger sibling to The Big Mock Burger): a dense salty mock-beef
patty and a light bun with excellent, copious special sauce and
pickles. On a hot summer night, I was glad for the extra greenery
on the side.

That’s not to say we didn’t try the fries! We ordered a
needlessly large ($9) bowl for the table, with chipotle lime aioli
($2). They’re a solid support act; I liked that their skins were
still showing.

Though we don’t actually need to travel more than a block for
a good burger, we’ll go the extra distance and extra dollars to eat
these ones again – the Merri Clan burgers are among the best we’ve

You can read about our previous visit to the Merri Clan
Since then it’s been positively reviewed by
messy veggies

The Merri Clan
15 Gilbert Rd, Preston
0407 888 626



Accessibility: There’s a flat entryway and a reasonably
spacious interior. The outdoor area is a hodge podge of different
tables and chairs, with a clear corridor through the middle and one
small step. Toilets are good, including a unisex and fully
accessible cubicle.

Source: FS – Healthy – Vegetarian
The Merri Clan II

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