sunken black forest cake

kids will be at least 25% candy for the rest of the week, as the
demands. If it doesn’t come individually wrapped, if the first,
second, or third ingredient isn’t chocolate, a food dye, or high
fructose corn syrup, if it doesn’t have a marketing tie-in with
Spongebob or Legos, they’re not eating it. Which means, since
they’ve now definitely left the room, we get this cake all for
us. You’re welcome, because we’re not going to share it anyway.

some things you'll needchopped chocolatebutter, chocolate, yolkswhipped whites

This whole fall — save a brief but devoted two weeks of
pie studies
— I have craved chocolate almost nonstop, and I
don’t mean at perfunctory square of 72% and calling it a day. I
mean, chocolate éclairs and chocolate brownies and molten
chocolate cakes and chocolate pot de cremes and so when I spied
this riff on a black forest cake in Julia Turshen’s new
Now & Again
, I really couldn’t think about anything else
until I made it.

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sunken black forest cake

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