strawberry summer sheet cake

years ago
, I wrote about a strawberry cake I’d been making
and tweaking from Martha Stewart since, apparently, 2005 that felt
to me like the epitome of early summer. The batter is a simple cake
— butter, sugar, flour, eggs, milk. The berries are fresh, hulled
and halved. There’s seemingly nothing new or revolutionary but
what differentiates it from other summer cakes is the sheer volume
of strawberries. There’s a full pound of berries placed on top
before you bake the cake, more than easily fit. In the oven, the
batter buckles around the berries, turning them into jammy puddles,
especially if your strawberries are a touch overripe. The sunken
berries dimple the top like a country quilt. The edges of the cake
brown and become faintly crisp. If you can bear to wait half to a
full day to eat it, and really let those baked berries marry with
the cake, you might swear off all other summer desserts.

prepping strawberries

Clearly, I’m a fan. But I hadn’t expected on a site with
many other cakes with fresh fruit in them for it to so quickly take
off, ultimately joining the small club of recipes on SK with more
than 1000 comments.* The only thing that’s never right about it,
however, is the size. A cake like this is here to make friends, and
eight wedges never last. For years, if anyone asked about making it
in a 9×13 pan, I gave my default answer: double it! For most
cakes, this absolutely works. But at home, it was never quite
right. The cake was too thick and 2 pounds of berries never fit on
top, meaning you’ll use less, and if you use less, the cake is,
in my opinion, way less spectacular. I’m not sure why it took me
until this summer to get it right, but I finally realized that I
was scaling it wrong. The 1.5x yield of batter and berries creates
the strawberry summer sheet cake I’ve always needed and finally
have. I haven’t made it the original way since, and I thought you
deserved an update that was more than a footnote, too.

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strawberry summer sheet cake

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