Smoked Farro Plum Salad

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Is there anything better than a fresh salad during the hot
summer months? No, at least not in my book. Even better is a salad
that uses the delightful stone fruit. It’s a salad favorite of mine
and when it’s an anchor for the smoked farro and maple tahini

Summer Stone Fruit

During the summer, I’m lucky if I actually get to use the
stone fruit to bake. It’s a family favorite. However, I make sure
I sneak a few fruit salads in because they are just absolutely
delightful. The sweet from the fruit pairs well with the hearty
grains and smoothness of the tahini.

Beyond the plums, you could use peaches or even cherries. If
you’re looking for easy, I’d go with peaches. Plums, as
delicious as they are, can sometimes put up a fight when trying to
remove the pit.

Bob’s Red Mill Farro

It’s no secret I love using Bob’s Red Mill Farro. This
hearty grain is a cooking staple. It’s used for grain bakes,
bowls, risottos, and of course, salads. The warm, mild flavor of
this grain is such a great companion for vegetables. A few of my
favorite ways to use it: zucchini grain bake, kale risotto, and
this tomato salad.

Smoking Grains?

I’m obsessed with finding as many ways to eat grains as I can
and when I first saw this technique
in a cookbook
, I thought it was genius. However, it wasn’t
until we got a smoker that I got really excited.

I don’t like overly smoky flavors a lot but it can be
wonderful in small bits. This plum salad was the perfect excuse. It
just adds a bit of extra flavor with those beautiful summer plums.
If you don’t have a smoker, you can use this technique.
Or, I happen to know, this salad is also delicious without smoking
the grains.

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Smoked Farro Plum Salad

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