perfect vegetable lasagna

Here is a theory: There are two types of picky people, those
that are totally fine just never experiencing a life with, I
don’t know, tomatoes or bananas or pickles or raisins (yes,
I’ve read your comments — all of them) and then there is the
kind that finds their epicurean limitations to constrict like an
uncomfortable jacket they’d love to shed if they could figure out
how. I, a lifelong Picky Person, am the latter. Over the years
creating and sharing recipes for this site, I’ve embraced so many
things I once thought I didn’t like [insert basically half the
ingredients in anything here, ever], but it turned out I just
didn’t like the way they were usually made.

And now the time has come for me to get over my lasagna issues.
What are you saying? you might ask. There are two
recipes in the archives. You love them both! And it’s true. What
I have struggled with is what I’d call The Usual Vegetable
Lasagna. I want something as bubbling, bronzed, and brick-like as a
classic lasagna should be, but I needed to fix a few things along
the way.

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perfect vegetable lasagna

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