Noo Moo Foods

November 1, 2019

Our friend Lisa recently alerted us to Noo Moo Foods, a vegan
food trailer tucked away in the industrial back-blocks of West
Heidelberg. Cindy and I both work in the neighbourhood, so one
Friday afternoon we all met up there to try it out. It’s a very
unassuming set-up – literally a little trailer in the front of a
warehouse with a handful of plastic chairs and low tables. It feels
like it’s mostly aiming for the delivery market, but it was
pleasant enough to eat-in on a warm Friday arvo.

Don’t come to Noo Moo Foods looking for salad – this is a
burger and fries kind of establishment. The menu has seven kinds of
loaded fries (including some topped with mashed up burger rings!),
nuggets and five different burgers. We started with a ten-pack of
the nuggets ($10) with mayo and Hazel’s dirty fries (topped with
gravy, coconut cheese sauce, coconut bacon and fried onions, $12).
The nuggets were great – I’m not sure what brand they’re using, but
they’re delicious – great texture, nicely fried and with excellent
mayo to dunk them in. The loaded fries were tasty, but
unsurprisingly a bit of a mess to eat. The coconut bacon got lost a
bit in everything else, but the cheese sauce and gravy combo worked
surprisingly well.

I also wanted to try a burger – this is the Culverlands
industrial schnitz – a southern spiced fried pattie with bbq sauce,
secret sauce, coleslaw, pickles and cashew cheese ($17). This a
messy, delicious treat – there’s so much sauce that things
inevitably drip, but all the chaos is just about worth it. 
The friendly staff treated us to a tangy lemon sorbet to
finish things off – it was just the sour/sweet burst we needed to
cut through the oily dinner. Noo Moo Foods is working in a similar
vein to Lord of the
– the burgers here are a bit more expensive, but a bit
better quality as well. If you’re in the neighbourhood and feel
like junk food for dinner you can’t really go wrong.


You can read more about Noo Moo Foods over at Messy

Noo Moo Foods
20 Culverlands Street, Heidleberg West

loaded fries
burgers etc

Accessibility: It’s a flat entryway, but you order and
pay at a high counter and the only chairs are low plastic stools.
We didn’t visit the toilets.

Source: FS – Healthy – Vegetarian
Noo Moo Foods

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