New Guidebook Is Everything Millennial Vegans Need

Given that there are 75.4 million of them, millennials are a seriously influential generation — and boast an impressive number of veg eaters.

Consider this quote from the New York Times: “An estimated 12 percent of millennials say they are ‘faithful vegetarians,’ compared with 4 percent of Gen X’ers and 1 percent of baby boomers.”

That’s a significant upward climb when it comes to avoiding animal products. And now, millennial vegans have their very own guidebook to help them navigate the tumultuous waters of animal advocacy.

The book is called Millennial Vegan, and it’s the newest tome by Vegan Publishers. Author Casey T. Taft, PhD, is co-founder of the company — and Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine.

“I have been blown away by younger vegans and wanted to put together something to support them,” says Taft. “I have received hundreds of emails sent to the Vegan Publishers’ page from younger vegans, describing many of the difficulties I discuss in the book, such as dealing with abuse from others, trying to communicate with non-accepting family members, and how to best engage in advocacy while maintaining good mental health. As a psychologist with a background in these issues, I felt obliged to do what I could to offer a guide.”

The sleek volume covers an array of important issues, from how to deal with loneliness to vegan dating and even eating disorders. It also addresses anger — a significant issue for those concerned with the world’s many injustices. Essentially, Taft addresses all the key concerns young vegans deal with on a daily basis.

So what words of advice would he offer this particular generation? “I would want them to never forget that they are amazing for seeing past the indoctrination that we all receive growing up.”

“Younger vegans who have real awareness are so impressive to me. If anyone tells them otherwise, always know that this is their issue and not yours. I know it’s not easy to be surrounded with those who are less aware, especially when they are people that we care a lot about, but things do get better. When we are clear and honest in our relationships and our advocacy, they both should benefit.”

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New Guidebook Is Everything Millennial Vegans Need

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