Lux Foundry

February 2, 2019

We met up with friends at Lux Foundry on a sunny Saturday
morning, nabbing one of the many outdoor tables and enjoying the
parade of neighbourhood pups that hang out there. It’s a fantastic
space on a summer’s day – a mix of shady and sunny tables, lots of
space and a nice, laid-back vibe. 
The menu’s a mix of breakfast classics and more interesting
creations, with a decent mix of sweet and savoury options. Cindy,
of course, went sweet with the mango and passionfruit panacotta
($16.50), with oat crumble, seasonal berries, lemon granita and
fruit. It was a beautiful dish, with the big blob of panacotta
surrounded by flower-speckled ring of icy granita. The combination
of granita with the granola-y crumble was a bit odd, but Cindy was
on board with the fruity, summery ingredients.

I ordered the Middle Eastern breakfast – poached eggs with
grilled zaatar flatbread, beetroot relish, falafel and smoky baba
ganoush ($17.50). This ticks all my boxes – perfectly poached eggs
*and* falafel, with the smoky eggplant dip adding some richness to
everything. I loved it – definitely a dish I’d go back for again in
Lux Foundry was superb – helpful and efficient service with an
interesting menu executed well. We haven’t gone there often in the
eight or so years that Lux has been around, but we’ll certainly be
returning again before too long.


Lux Foundry
21 Hope St, Brunswick


Accessibility: We didn’t make it beyond the outdoor
area – the tables out there mostly have fixed seating. We ordered
at our table and paid at a counter inside.

Source: FS – Healthy – Vegetarian
Lux Foundry

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