CAP Beauty No Bone Broth

Bone broth is all the rage. But I don’t cook with bones, so
I’m always trying to come up with nutrient-dense, mineral-rich
broths that check all the beneficial boxes. Enter this CAP Beauty No Bone Broth. It’s
dense with mushrooms, seaweed, root vegetables, ginger, turmeric
– you see where this is headed? All the good stuff.

CAP Beauty No Bone Broth Recipe

I’ve been cooking quite a lot from High Vibrational Beauty: Recipes and
Rituals for Radical Self Care
over the past few weeks. It’s
such a great new book by the founders of one of my favorite natural
beauty hotspots in New York City, CAP Beauty (go visit!). Kerrilynn
Pamer and Cindy Diprima Morisse include a robust No Bone Broth in
their book and it is SO GOOD. My pro tip: make double, because it
goes fast.

CAP Beauty No Bone Broth Recipe

The recipe: I made a couple little tweaks based on the
ingredients I had on hand, but it’s pretty close to Kerrilyn and
Cindy’s version. My version is a little less “sea” tasting
comparatively, because I used dried porcini and chanterelle in
place of shiitake mushrooms, and less seaweed.

Keep in mind, while you start out with 8 cups of liquid, you
lose a lot of that because of the long simmer. Also, there’s a
lengthy ingredient list, which is what you want in a broth like
this (for that wide range of beneficial) ingredients. But, consider
a double batch while you’re making the effort. You can always
freeze half for later use…

CAP Beauty No Bone Broth Recipe

I used my broth as a base for miso soup, I also used it as the
broth in my v. favorite
Instant Pot congee
(brown rice & turmeric!). I was also
great as the base of a brothy noodle bowl topped with asparagus and
broiled tofu, and crispy shallots!

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CAP Beauty No Bone Broth

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