cannellini aglio e olio

this were still April Fools Day, I’d tell you that my next
cookbook will be about how to doctor up a can of beans. But, like

the best April Fools Day jokes
, it’s only funny if it could
be true. Rest assured, I would never, but it’s definitely crossed
my mind. It’s usually at lunchtime on a weekday, which is my
single biggest failing as a home cook. Maybe you’re shocked that
a person with so many ostensibly quick,

five ingredient or fewer
, and lunch-specific
recipes at my disposal would not enlist them during a workday. Or
you might gather that between thinking about breakfasts, lunches,
and dinners for a family as well as all of the recipes I might
create for this site, books, or columns, when it comes to the
relatively low stakes of my own lunch, slacking is inevitable.

all you need

That is, unless I spot a can of beans. One of my favorite things
to do with beans is to treat them as you would pasta. I don’t do
this out of any grievance with pasta/gluten/carbs. I do it because
most of our favorite pasta sauces translate so well to other
ingredients. From here, I’ve landed on pizza
, weeknight
beans on toast
, and this
grilled zucchini and white beans with pesto

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cannellini aglio e olio

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