Anna Jones’s toast-topping brunch recipes

Avocado on toast is in danger of making brunch boring – but try these twists for a new way to start the day

We have reached peak avocado on toast. Avocado has had its moment and, while I will always love it, the time has come for something else. This winter in LA (the same temperature as midsummer in the UK), I went to Kismet, a small restaurant on the city’s east side famed for its Californication of Middle Eastern food. The dish du jour? Broccoli toast. I was sceptical. Broccoli, I thought, lacks the requisite creaminess to be a good toast topping. I was wrong. Teamed with a tahini layer and some spice, it was all I could have asked for. Here is my version, plus five more toast toppings. Step aside, avocado.

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Source: theguardian
Anna Jones’s toast-topping brunch recipes

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